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zyla vanilla closet tablets I set of two
Product Story

Zyla closet tablets are a nostalgic reminder of the tradition of bringing a touch of purfumery to your closet and all the heirlooms it holds. Handpoured to perfection and made with 100% soy wax in vanilla fragrances; these wax tablets come as a pair of two, to add that fragrant and fresh sense to your wardrobe.
about the creator

Amyrah, at 8 years old, created Zyla candles in 2019. Her wish is to make this world a better place for children and in her own small way she contributes by providing for children who are most in need.

Amyrah is a skilled, imaginative creator of beautiful scented candles and with every sale of a Zyla candle, Amyrah will move 50% of profits towards Akshya Patra, an NGO that provides daily meals to children across India.

She may be under 10 years old but her vision is wider and bigger than anyone. Along with ikikai, we welcome you to join her on this journey of enabling a better future for children.
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