AI Driven EdTech Platforms

At Anubudh, we use artificial intelligence driven apps where the program can assess students’ knowledge and provide relevant coursework to place them back on track. Our AI driven technology makes education more personalized and easily accessible. It enables one-on-one student teacher interaction where they can receive instant feedbacks from the teachers. The chatbot style learning enables the teachers to deliver lectures in the form of chat conversations. Learning will be more fun with our AI driven applications. Our AI driven technologies are the cost effective way to make education fun. These help the students in inculcating interest in the coursework and make learning more captivating and fascinating. The latest artificial intelligence technologies have taken education to a completely new level. It helps in trigerring the creative instincts of the students and helps them understand things better. Artificial intelligence marks the era of digital revolution in the field of education. Our latest AI driven apps can help the educational institutions and EdTech organizations become a brand name in the field of digital education. AI technology has become a part of our daily lives and is gradually overtaking the education sector as well. Artificial Intelligence has given a new dimension to the world of education. It has not made learning easier and fun but also enabled personalized learning that provides a proper understanding of concepts according to the interests of the students.

AI in Education Sector

Personalized Learning
Artificial intelligence has enabled personalized learning for all the students. Artificial intelligence technology customizes the learning profile of the students AI based apps help in doubt clarification of the students by the teachers instantly. The feature of adaptive learning helps the students to learn at their own pace.

Voice Assistants
We are all aware of apple siri, amazon alexa, etc., which are yet another AI components in learning. These are an example of voice assistants. These can be employed at homes that help the students to study in a non-educational environment without any teacher’s involvement.

Aid in Administrative Tasks
Teachers are overburdened with a lot of work that involves exam evaluation, managing classroom materials, and other important paperwork. Manually doing these tasks is tedious. AI technology has enabled automation of administrative tasks that save a lot of effort and time of the teachers.

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