Learning Management System

Anubudh uses modern learning management systems for management and online learning delivery of all types of videos, educational content, and documents. It is one of the most time saving and cost-effective technologies used in the digitization of education sector. Our product will provide you with innumerable sources to boost your growth and income.
Interactive forums such as video conferencing and threaded discussions are the features of modern learning management system. It caters the different needs of the learners. It enables the students to access all the updated information through a single device. These learning systems are easy to use and can be used as per the convenience of the students.

During the COVID-19 crisis, LMS was responsible for conducting various online classes. The students are able to appear for the exams right from their homes. It enabled live invigilation during the exams to prevent any unfair activities.

Several educational centres have started using LMS to commence e-learning. With the increasing usage of smartphones and internet, LMS is trending at a faster pace.

Features of our LMS
Our latest next-gen Learning Management System has the following features that can be the cherry on the cake in your edtech business:

1. It stores all the educational material in one location.
2. Provides unlimited access to the information uploaded and published onto
the LMS.
3. It helps you track the performance of the students.
4. It reduces the cost of the instructor, training site rentals, and printed e
educational materials.
5. You can update your course material just by logging into our LMS and need
not redo the entire e-learning course.

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