What is Proctored Online Testing?

“Proctoring” means invigilating an examination and “proctor” is the person who supervises an exam. It can be done physically or virtually. Proctored online testing means that a real person will supervise your exam in real time via your webcam. Physical proctoring is easier where the supervisor is present around the students to keep an eye on them while they write the exam. During online examinations, it becomes difficult to maintain the integrity of the test since the students are remotely located. This is where online proctoring software comes into play.

Not only this but the online testing in employee recruitments is also done through proctoring software.

Let us have a detailed view of proctored online testing, its types, benefits, and online proctoring software.

Online Proctoring types
Online proctoring is of the following types:

AI Proctoring
Live Remote Proctoring
Lockdown browser
Blended Proctoring (AI+Live Remote Proctoring)

Online Proctoring Software
The proctoring software is driven by a cloud-based system. It helps the examiners to create an online test in the learning management system, with proctoring features.

Let us see how the software works.

Candidate Verification
The online proctoring software confirms the authenticity of the students. It asks for the student’s ID at the beginning of every exam. The test commences only after approval from the proctors.

It also ensures that all the candidates have their screens shared with audio recordings and video on.

Monitoring of Candidates
The next step is real-time candidate monitoring. An algorithm constantly monitors the candidates and flags a doubtful case, if any.

Data Storage and Review Results
The audio and video recordings are stored in the cloud system and can be reviewed by the proctoring team post-examination if required.

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