Dr Jathin’s Vein Center

Best Vein and Varicose Treatment Center in Mumbai. Operated by Dr. Jathin. Best varicose vein specialist in mumbai. We use advanced technology like Vascular Veins Spider Veins Removal Diode Laser Machine which helps patients to have a very smooth surgery. We have treated patients with varied degree of varicose veins with the same amount of utmost care. We have very highly qualified experts who provide highest quality treatment using advanced technology, which helps patients to recover faster.

Varicose veins are the result of problems in the veins. When a vein is stretched too much, it gets damaged. The veins swell and fill with fluid, causing them to turn blue or purple. Varicose veins can be caused by pregnancy, obesity, genetics or prolonged sitting periods.

When blood vessels are damaged, it can cause serious problems in whatever tissue or organ is supplying that blood vessel. The damage usually happens on the outside layer of the vein, which is called the tunica adventitia. The injured inner layer then starts leaking, leading to a hematoma.

This can lead to a number of different complications such as pain and swelling, but one of the most noticeable effects is that they start to bulge and look like cords.

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