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table cloth round : humming bird natural
Product Story

This elegant table cloth features a beautiful floral pattern. With its classic color palette of ivory and greens, this handcrafted linen will be the perfect accessory for your dinning table setting with its versatile patters that blends with yet accentuates any kind on dinner wear.

about the creator

The Shop, is a legendary family run business that focuses on well-designed, handcrafted textiles for the home. Their workshop is designed with organic materials, open spaces, and natural light to create an environment that inspires craftspeople and designers and they develop new dyeing techniques, block and screen prints, machine and hand embroidery patterns, and have quilting facilities all under one roof. The designers bring these indigenous techniques and traditional patterns together with a contemporary sensibility to design our products for the global market. Ikikai is excited to partner with a legend like The Shop to bring contemporary designs in your life.


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