ikikai Lifestyle Private Limited

In today’s world, bringing social change is hard. It’s a road less taken. Creating communities in a world full of fragmented mindsets is for the select few, celebrating art and its creator is a forgotten reality. This is not about one person, one desire or one piece of art – it’s about real change, a real community and real celebration of creators.

Our singular endeavour is to curate thoughtfully designed products made by our partners universe that comprises of artists, predominantly women-led micro enterprises and social enterprises /NGOs. We want to create an ecosystem wherein our partners collaborate with each other to design and create unique products that come along with an opportunity to do something good!

Committing ourselves to driving social change and impacting lives is what we passionately believe in and in doing so we bring careful curation and quality to customers who choose to invest in lifestyle products that are environment friendly, organic, handcrafted and have a social footprint.

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