Since most of us have been working from home due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we are all guilty of falling into the trap of wearing loose t-shirts and pyjamas all the time. Dressing up for an important meeting seems like a distant memory.
According to a study conducted by TODAY Style, psychologists and style experts observed how our dressing effected our mood and effected our work productivity. Many people have stressed on the fact that dressing up gave them a sense of normalcy, uplifted their mood and even made the more focussed in their work.
Follow following points and dress more appropriately for work from home.

1. Keep it casual not untidy- Steer clear of old t-shirts and pyjamas. The stretched out and faded neckline shows in the meetings and gives a very bad impression.
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2. Drape a saree for important meetings- Draping a handloom saree for meetings will make you feel confident in yourself and makes your body language more present and impressive.
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3. Add a fun element with accessories- A good piece of accessory elevates your whole look to the next level. Have some fun dressing up for work from home.
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4. Steal the show with a stole- When in hurry, just drape a smart stole around your neck to have a polished look. Things cannot get easier than this.
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5. Keep your bottoms comfortable- Make sure you are wearing comfortable bottoms to go through long zoom meetings. Sit on a chair or plop yourself on the sofa as you are wearing smart and comfortable bottoms!
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